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Graham's volunteering story

Graham volunteers at his local Farleigh store two afternoons a week. We spoke to him to find out why he chose to volunteer for Farleigh.

"My connection to Farleigh is that my father spent his last 3 weeks at Farleigh Hospice in the old London Road site in Chelmsford.

I used to walk past the Boreham store every Saturday to buy my newspaper and I saw an advert in the window saying they were looking for volunteers. I had plenty of spare time so I joined, that was five years ago. I do every Friday afternoon and Saturday afternoon. I enjoy meeting people, and I am always happy when I get home.

My role is to sort the books, CDs, DVDs and bric-a-brac. I wash all the bric-a-brac items before they go on display. I work with the manager to decide on the prices for items before we put them out for sale. I also like to make tea for everyone. We are part of a great team and the store has a lot of regulars.

In my spare time I enjoy doing jigsaw puzzles and one of the benefits of volunteering is I can buy puzzles, do them at home, and then donate them back to the store again!"

What is the best part about volunteering for Farleigh?
Although I work in the back of the shop, I often help customers with items not yet on display.

Why would you encourage other people to volunteer with Farleigh Retail?

You make new friends and also support a good cause.

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