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Strategic Plan 2022- 2026

We are pleased to now be in a position to share our new Strategic Plan with you.

In November 2021 as Farleigh Hospice was approaching its 40th birthday year, we started work on creating a new Strategic Plan to build resilience for the future of our hospice.

Preparing for a new Strategic Plan was a challenge during a major pandemic as our usual face-to-face engagement opportunities were very much curtailed. We therefore set up a series of virtual ‘conversations events’ inviting the public, supporters and people who use our services plus staff and volunteers to join a conversation about our future, asking the key questions:

  • What do you feel is most important for people who are at the end of life?
  • How do you feel Farleigh Hospice can best support its community?
  • Share your ideas – what do you think Farleigh’s future could and should look like?

These events were marketed on our website, via social media, direct mailing and leaflets to all current service users. We also offered an opportunity to share views in writing, via email or telephone for anyone unable to attend our conversation events or who did not wish to respond in that way.

Taking into consideration all responses, along with national, regional and local guidance, activity data analysis and income generation trends, we created a new vision and mission statement for Farleigh Hospice and set out three new goals, each with three specific objectives. We are pleased to now be in a position to share our new Strategic Plan with you.

This plan will guide us in our direction of travel over the next four years so Farleigh Hospice can continue to be a centre of excellence, leading the way in hospice care and education.

You can download and view the full document below

Farleigh Hospice Strategic Plan 2022 to 2026