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Hospice Care Week 2023

Hospice Care Week is an annual opportunity to celebrate hospices nationwide and recognise the incredible work that is being done to make sure everyone can benefit from the very best end of life support.

This year’s week ran from 9-15 October. The focus was on workforce with the theme ‘We are Hospice Care.’

At Farleigh Hospice, we employ more than 250 staff and over 700 volunteers, all of whom play a significant role in supporting the hospice to provide care and support services to people affected by life-limiting illnesses and bereavement in mid Essex.

Over the last 12 months Farleigh Hospice’s Locality Teams had over 1560 patients in their care, with over 500 visits to patients in their own homes during quarter four alone. Meanwhile, the In Patient Unit provided 24-hour specialist palliative care to more than 240 people over the same period.

In addition, our Clinical Advice Line which is run by clinical specialists and offers clinical assessments, advice for professionals and support for families and carers, received 28,000 incoming calls.

Then there are the individual programmes of therapies, treatment and advice through Farleigh’s therapy team which help meet the holistic needs of our ever-varied patients.

Bereavement support continues to be available to adults through the Circle programme while children and young people are supported through the Yo-Yo project.

We marked Hospice Care Week by asking colleagues from across the organisation to share their thoughts on what they value the most about working at Farleigh and within hospice care.

Director of Care, Ellie Miller

Ellie says: “What I value most about working at Farleigh is the time and space to listen well. To listen to our patients and families about what matters. What matters in life and death. I also highly value my colleagues – a committed and passionate team who always go above and beyond to provide care of the highest quality. I love that we get to think outside of the box at Farleigh and can be creative and innovative in how we support people. I work at Farleigh because I see the impact on our community – not just the care we deliver but the community support with our shops and fundraising events. I really feel part of something that can improves lives."

Watch Ellie's video below

Chief Executive, Sarah Green, tells us why hospice care is so important to her.

"I've always been very drawn to the fact that hospices play such a huge role within our community. Hospice care is truly a holistic approach and hospices are there for patients, carers, families and friends in whatever way they need it, at a time that's right for them. What I really love about working for Farleigh Hospice is we are all working towards this one mission and one vision but that everybody has their role to play, whether a member of staff or a volunteer. It's almost like one big jigsaw and we are all the different pieces that pull the work of the hospice together."

Watch Sarah's video below

As celebrated Hospice Care Week and the incredible work being done nationwide to ensure everyone benefits from the very best end of life care, we heard from Clinical Specialist Physiotherapist, Emily Stowe. She shared her thoughts on working at Farleigh Hospice and what makes it so special.

“One of the things I find most rewarding about working at Farleigh is the fact that, when we are helping people at this stage of their lives when they’ve got limited time…sometimes a small thing can make a big difference to their quality of life. By making that small change to someone’s life, they can then go out and do something that is really important, something really meaningful. It’s a real privilege to be part of that.”

Watch her video here

Locality Care Team Manager, Kate Tighe, tells us why joining Farleigh is a decision she has never regretted.

She says, "I left the NHS, somewhere I had been for more than 35 years. I was able to take my NHS pension with me but also to work with people so closely in such a small organisation, where there is nothing but kindness and support every day makes a huge difference to my working wellbeing."

Watch her video here

Alison Gray, our Head of Nursing and Quality, explains the what she most values about hospice care.

She said, "The most rewarding part of working in the Inpatient Unit is the ability to make a difference. To sit with somebody in a place of vulnerability, a place of great change in their life and to just be with somebody. I think sometimes we can't take away all the hurt and pain that people feel at a time like that in their life. But what we can do is we can be there."

For more information about current vacancies at Farleigh hospice visit our careers page