To be part of the Participation and Respite Services Day Services Team.  Supporting the needs of individuals attending our services with their mobility and personal activities of daily living.  The role will include training in competencies which will enable progression through the levels.

What you'll do

Tasks may include (not exclusively)

ALL Levels:

  • To be aware of, and promote the rehabilitative palliative care approach which underpins Day Services (training will be given)
  • To enable patients attending Participation and Respite Services to be as independent as possible within the limits of their advancing disease, and according to their wishes and priorities
  • Provide social interaction opportunities and facilitate communication between attendees
  • Report the needs and concerns of the patients to the Participation and Respite staff
  • Assist the team in maintaining patient safety and well being
  • Assist and guide patients who participate in creative therapy (if requested by the patient)
  • Support with lunch and people getting refreshments, as and when required
  • Clean specific areas, as directed
  • Participate in the afternoon debrief with the team (This is a forum for you to express any concerns or ask any questions before returning home. We do not want you to feel uncomfortable about anything)

 Additional Level 2 requirements:

  • Following completion of relevant competencies, to assist the nursing team with patient care, as directed, in conjunction with the guidelines in the volunteer handbook
  • Assist with varying patient needs, as appropriate, during attendance, including: toilet needs, eating and drinking for patients with functional needs only (after appropriate training)

 Additional Level 3 requirements:

  • After appropriate training to be competent with more complex moving and handling techniques such as hoisting patients, as required
  • Following appropriate training to complete competencies assist patients who are at risk of swallowing difficulties with feeding and drinking
  • Following appropriate training be competent to act as a second signatory for administering medication

What days and times are currently available?
  • Thursday mornings and Thursday afternoons

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