We recognise that life-limiting illness does not only affect the person diagnosed. Family members, friends and carers can all be in need of help and support themselves. Our staff are on hand to provide various ways of dealing with the impact of a life-limiting illness both emotionally and practically.

A Counsellor can talk things through with you and explore issues such as change and loss.

A Social Worker can help you to navigate the complex health and social care system, including access to Welfare Benefits and statutory carers assessment.

Our Spiritual Care team can explore spiritual or existential concerns with you, through talking or using approaches such as mindfulness, meditation, relaxation and/or religious practices.

Stress can be relieved by complementary therapy treatments offered by our Wellbeing team such as aromatherapy, reflexology, Emotional Freedom Technique and Reiki, available at our spa days.

If you need informal information, advice and support, our Information Service can point you in the direction of local and national services or resources to help you.

Our Bereavement Service offers bereavement support to adults and young people.

Support for children and young people (aged 4-18) is available from the Yo-Yo Project when they are facing the loss of someone significant in their lives. Click here for the application form.

Our services for Carers can provide opportunities to meet others in a similar situation with a range of events and groups running throughout the year. Our Carer Services can also offer support and advice one to one, separate from the person you are caring for, so you have time to talk through your needs. We can support you in accessing the help that may be available to you.

Our groups & activities offer the opportunity to socialise with people in a similar situation to you, which can often help with emotional wellbeing.

Inpatient respite can be arranged for 3-4 days. This provides an opportunity for carers to rest and take a well-deserved break.

Day Services can assess carer needs at our Day Service clinic, and day respite may be offered for up to 16 sessions, weekly or fortnightly depending on needs, to give you a break from the caring role. Where there are on-going respite needs, a referral can be made to Adult Social Care.

Your Farleigh Key Worker or assessment at our Day Services clinic will determine which of our services you may benefit from. For referral information please click here.