Our Strategic Plan for 2018 - 2022

Here at Farleigh we've been working hard over the past 8 months to prepare a new strategic plan which, now approved by our hospice board, will take us through the next 4 years to our 40th Birthday in 2022.

As part of this project we asked those already connected with Farleigh and the wider public to share their views and their responses used to shape our new plan. We've considered our charitable purpose and how the public benefit from our services and revised our vision and mission to better define what we hope to achieve both as part of the wider hospice movement and to make sure we are clear about what we offer on a day-to-day basis.

Our Vision

“A world where hospice care is available to all”

As part of a wider hospice movement, our aim is to make hospice care accessible to all who need or want it locally and, as part of a bigger plan, improve hospice care across the UK and beyond.  A vital component of our core purpose as a charity is to educate and support others in how hospice care is delivered and how it can be improved upon. We encourage our teams to share best practice and contribute to national and international journals and conferences - leading to a world where hospice care is available to all.

Our Mission

“Empowering, caring and supporting anyone in our community affected by life-limiting illness or bereavement”

We recognise that the demand for our services has increased dramatically in the last 4 years and the need for hospice care and support is continuing to rise. We are re-organising our services to care for more people whilst looking for new opportunities to increase income to meet growing demand. We want to empower people, their family and their friends to help themselves whether during a person’s illness or as part of bereavement support. To reflect this we have placed the word 'Empowering' at the very forefront of our mission statement and philosophy.

Our Strategic Goals

Our 4 strategic goals each have 3 key areas of focus:

Reach Out

  • Reach out and provide hospice care for all who need it in our community
  • Reach out and be alongside people who want hospice support
  • Reach out to provide support and advice 24/7

As a hospice, we have always been community focused providing care for people in their own homes and supporting people to die where they wish.

Our focus going forward is to improve our reach to those who aren't currently accessing our services, to hard to reach groups and to places where the hospice has not previously provided support - such as hospital wards. 

A big part of this goal is to be alongside people to help and guide them through their illness and we want to make sure that support and advice will be available for all who need it 24/7.


  • Empower communities to care for those who are affected by life-limiting illness or bereavement through training, education and support
  • Empower people to work collaboratively
  • Empower people by providing accessible information

We've seen a huge increase in demand for our services over the last 4 years and this is likely to continue as we reach out to find others who need our support.

To meet this demand we need to work with patients, families, carers and communities to empower them to help themselves whether during a person’s illness or as part of bereavement support. 

We will achieve this in a number of ways: through education, training, working closely with other service providers and by providing an easy way for people to access the information that will be useful to them.


  • Inspire our communities to support the hospice in any way they can
  • Inspire our funders to continue to support the work of the hospice
  • Inspire our people to be ambassadors for our hospice in everything that they do

We're lucky to enjoy a great reputation within our local community and are very grateful for the generous financial support we receive and the huge amount of time and goodwill offered by our volunteers and supporters. 

Through sharing stories about the outstanding care we provide we hope to inspire people to continue to support us in many different ways.


  • Invest for growth and development in our hospice
  • Invest in our infrastructure to build organisational resilience
  • Invest in our people to deliver quality services across the organisation

To be fit for the future we need to continue to invest in our hospice, ensuring our buildings are kept safe and inviting for people to use or visit.

Investing in up to date technology and equipment is essential in helping us to be as efficient and cost effective as possible. 

We will invest in training our people across the organisation so we will be able to continue delivering outstanding services.