Engagement is important to everyone at Farleigh Hospice. It is a function carried out by the Hospice Engagement Lead, the Bereavement team, the clinical teams, Communications and Fundraising Teams and its volunteers.

Farleigh Hospice engages with thousands of people on an annual basis through a variety of projects and events to raise awareness of what it does and what support it provides; to dispel common hospice myths and listen to what people need from its care and support.

When we talk about our community, we include other healthcare professionals, other charities who support people in the community, as well as our patients and their family, friends and carers.

Engagement projects at Farleigh Hospice:

  • PATH (People Advising the Hospice) is a forum group whereby patients, carers and those with a connection to the hospice movement can support ongoing developments by providing suggestions and opinions from a user’s perspective. If you would like more information please contact Devika Chowdhury, [email protected] or call 01245 933714.

  • Activities in the community during Dying Matters Awareness Week (May 13-19) and Hospice Care Week (Dates TBC) to raise the profile of Farleigh Hospice and initiate conversations with its community around end of life care, death, dying and bereavement.

  • The Hospice Engagement Lead will be welcoming the community to open afternoons and hospice tours to showcase its facilities and dispel common hospice misconceptions. If you are interested in arranging a tour or finding out when the next open afternoon will be held, please contact Devika Chowdhury, [email protected] or call 01245 933714.

  • Building relationships with community groups to ensure the hospice’s services are inclusive and meet the needs of the local community.

  • The hospice’s passionate teams regularly deliver talks to local community groups, schools, businesses and to those who are interested in hearing more about the hospice’s work. The hospice visits WI’s, Rotary groups, lunch clubs, friendship clubs and other social groups in the community.

  • If you are interested in arranging a talk about the Hospice services, please contact Debbie de Boltz, [email protected] or call 01245 457352.

  • If you are interested in arranging a talk from the Bereavement Team please contact Dominic Marshall, [email protected]arleighhospice.org or call 01245 457416.

Farleigh Hospice is passionate and dedicated to engaging with its community. If you would like to find out more information please contact Devika Chowdhury, Hospice Engagement Lead, [email protected] or call 01245 933714.