We have a range of groups, courses and activities to help you live as independently as possible with a life-limiting illness. When you have been referred to Farleigh Hospice and have had an assessment by our Day Services team, your Key Worker will establish which groups and activities are best suited to you. Some groups are open to anyone who has used Farleigh services in the past.

Participation and respite days

If you have complex symptoms related to a life-limiting illness that requires regular monitoring, you may benefit from our respite and participation days. This weekly or fortnightly service also provides the opportunity to socialise with others in similar situations. Respite days are also available to provide a break for carers whilst longer term arrangements are made to support on-going respite needs. You will usually be offered an initial 16 sessions to attend on a weekly or fortnightly basis, depending on need.

Palliative rehabilitation course

This 6-week course aims to help you live as independently as possible. The course covers topics such as activity, exercise, breathing, anxiety, diet, fatigue and medication management. You'll be able to recognise the impact of your symptoms and will learn and practice techniques to minimise them. With a better understanding of the physical and emotional responses to your condition, you'll improve self-management of your illness. Carers or family members are welcome to attend with patients.

Fatigue management course

This 6-week course aims to reduce the sometimes distressing effects caused by fatigue. By learning more about the causes, symptoms and other factors of fatigue, you'll be able to help gain a sense of control over your energy levels using techniques to manage stress, conserve energy and learn to relax. Carers and family members are welcome to attend with patients.

Gym circuit group

A weekly one-hour session in our gym to improve your physical fitness, wellbeing and quality of life. The circuit is tailored to your needs and goals which are established at an initial physiotherapy assessment via our Day Service clinic.

Art & craft group

Develop your creative skills and self-expression during these 2-hour sessions. Taking part in arts and crafts can be relaxing, stimulating, provide a way of reflecting on your life and might even help you develop a new hobby - no experience necessary!

Easibreathe group

If you are experiencing breathlessness, these weekly 1-hour sessions provide a supportive and fun environment to practice and improve breathing techniques. An initial physiotherapy or occupational therapy assessment at our Day Service clinic is required prior to attendance to establish your needs and set goals.

Seated relaxation and exercise group

This weekly 1-hour session can help improve flexibility and strength and reduce stress. An assessment at our Day Service clinic is required prior to attendance to establish your needs and set goals.

HOPE (Help Overcoming Problems Effectively)

The HOPE is a CBT– based group programme aimed at promoting positive thinking, run by accredited facilitators. It was originally designed for cancer survivors but at Farleigh Hospice we run the HOPE programme in a hospice setting for people living with life-limiting conditions.

There is a separate HOPE course that is run for carers of people living with a life-limiting conditions.

The HOPE facilitators aim to deliver guidance with the use of evidence based activities, offering self management, coping strategies, goal setting, confidence building, use of relaxation, communication skills and so on.

Social drop in

This is an on-going group that runs twice each month for people who are interested in meeting others and socialising. It's for anyone who has used or is using Farleigh services. Please note that if you have care needs you will need to bring a carer to support you.

Carer programme

Under development – more information coming soon.

Spa days

Farleigh Hospice invites our patients and carers to enjoy a day of relaxation and complementary therapy. Choose from a number of treatments, completely free of charge.

These spa days run throughout the year, but please note that treatments are available by appointment only.

Bookworms group

Farleigh Bookworms choose a different book each month to read (as much or as little as you like!) and then meets monthly so participants can share their thoughts, opinions and responses in an open and relaxed environment. It's for anyone who has used or is using Farleigh services. It is usually on the first Thursday of the month between 11am-12.30pm. Please contact Angela Kenny on 01245 457304 for more details.

Podcasts from the "Meet the Author" events can be found on Spreaker.