At Farleigh Hospice we exist to support the community of mid Essex rely on the generosity of the community we serve to help us to continue providing our services completely free of charge. Building relationships within the community is a very important way for us to raise awareness of what we do plus gives people the opportunity to organise or take part in our fundraising activities.

For help organising an event or activity for Farleigh Hospice, contact our Fundraising Team on 01245 457411 or email [email protected].

Click here for a full list of events that are in aid of Farleigh Hospice.

Get organised!

Organising your own fundraising activity is a fun and rewarding way you can help your local hospice.

You could:

  • Host a coffee morning, cake sale, or Tea at 3 event
  • Get sponsored to be silent for a day, shave your beard/head shave, or cut off your long locks!
  • Request donations instead of wedding, birthday or anniversary presents (we can offer bespoke wedding favours)
  • Hold a quiz night and charge people a fee to take part
  • Have a clear out and do a boot sale or jumble sale
  • Have a dress down, fancy dress or non-uniform day at work or school
  • Make and sell arts and crafts
  • Donate a proportion of a cost charged for a service provided
  • Have a raffle or Guess the...? competition (i.e. guess the weight of the cake, guess the number of jelly beans in the jar)
  • Collect loose change
  • Collect foreign coins
  • Collect used stamps

An easy way the double to money you raise is to ask your employer if they’ll match your fundraising! Many employers offer match funding schemes up to a certain amount or offer to pay for the organising costs of your event. This is a great way to ensure all the money raised can go towards caring for our patients.

Let us support you

Our Fundraising Team is just a phone call or email away and are always more than happy to help guide you through your chosen fundraising activity. By providing you with leaflets, t-shirts, posters, banners, tickets, collecting tins, balloons and flags, or setting up an online fundraising page for you – they can support you from the start and help ensure that your event or activity runs as smoothly as possible.

Collect loose change

Farleigh Hospice can issue loose change boxes for individuals to keep in their own homes. Small change is collected in these and the individual brings the box into the Hospice or one of our shops for counting, taking a new box in its place. Although each box usually only holds between £5 and £15, collectively these add up to an impressive amount of money each year!

If you would like a loose change box please contact the Fundraising Office on 01245 457411 or email [email protected] to request one.

Collect foreign coins

Farleigh Hospice has an amazing foreign coin exchange system ably run by Fred Otto and friends. Unwanted foreign coins are handed in to the Hospice and are made into packs and sold to the public at the going exchange rate. Fred will take most currencies and can be contacted via the main hospice number of 01245 457300.

Collect used stamps

Brian Littlefield is based in Witham and collects old stamps which he soaks, trims and makes into collectable packs to be sold at the Farleigh Hospice charity shops. Just drop your used stamps into Farleigh Hospice and we will arrange to deliver them to Brian.