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24 Peaks Challenge

10 September - 12 September

This fast-paced and formidable challenge will see us summit 24 incredible peaks in the Lake District, all over 2,400ft with a target trekking time of just 24 hours!

The Lake District is one of UK’s most picturesque areas, filled with breathtaking mountains and valleys – providing the perfect backdrop to this awesome challenge. The days will be long and the trekking will be tough, but the rewards of hiking into the heart of this amazing National Park and the accomplishment of conquering 24 peaks will make all your efforts worthwhile!

•Conquer Global Adventures toughest UK trekking challenge

•Trek to the top of the most highly-regarded peaks in the Lake District

•Fully-supported challenge with professional mountain leaders

•Stunning scenery provides an incredible backdrop to this awesome adventure

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Key information
Duration: 3 days
Distance: 28 miles approx.
Challenge grade: Extreme
Location: Lake District, UK