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Make a will and remember Farleigh Hospice

Thank you for reading our guide on gifts in wills. When you leave a gift in your will to us you transform the care we can give. Please read on to see how you can give and how to make your Will online in minutes.

Make a Will Online

To make it simple safe and secure for our supporters to make a will and leave a gift in their will we work with Make a Will Online. Click the button below or visit and get a solicitor checked will. When you do that we find out vital information about when wills are made and your pledges.

How much does it cost

A single Will costs £60 and a double Will costs £90

See a solicitor…

If you would rather speak to a solicitor face to face then you should do that. You should also do this if you have a high value estate (details here), if you have concerns around mental capacity (e.g. if you are very poorly, suffer from a dementia related illness, or you are on strong medication) or if you have other complexities in your estate. You can use the Solicitors Regulation Authority website to find a solicitor.

Please make sure your solicitor uses our full details . Our name: “Farleigh Hospice” our charity number: 284670, and our registered address: North Court Road Broomfield Chelmsford CM1 7FH.


When you make a will online using the above link we find out when a will is made, any residuary gift and the value of any cash pledges. You can also opt in to share your name and contact details with us. All of this is extremely useful. If you don’t want to share this information you don’t have to. You can use this link to make a will online without sharing anything. Whichever way you leave a gift in your will to us we are extremely grateful. Thank you!