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Here at Farleigh Hospice our Spiritual Care team is led by our Chaplain and our spiritual care volunteers, who come from a range of faith and non-faith communities. While for some, spirituality is associated with religion, spiritual care includes any beliefs, practices, and relationships that help people find meaning, comfort, and hope. This may include meditation, family and friends, writings, music, nature, and art.

We welcome and support people of all faiths and none. We are here to support patients, family, friends, and carers, and we are open and inclusive in all we do.

We will

  • Welcome you and give you time and space to talk, in a quiet environment.
  • Encourage you to freely express your own faith or spirituality in your own way.
  • Listen to you, and if you wish, pray with you or for you.
  • Provide resources to support you, including poems, music, religious texts, and sacraments.
  • Visit you in your own home or within the hospice.

The Sanctuary

*** Unfortunately, our Sanctuary is still closed to the public at this time. We understand how important this space is for so many people who wish to have a moment of remembrance for the loved ones lost. Currently, we are able to offer to write a special message in our memory book and light a candle on your behalf. If this is something you would be interested in, please drop us an email at ***

The Sanctuary is on the ground floor of Farleigh Hospice, set apart from the rest of the hospice to allow you time and space for a moment of quiet prayer and reflection. You are welcome to light a candle, write in the memory book or make use of any of the resources in the room. The Sanctuary is fully wheelchair accessible and arrangements can be made to enable patients to visit the sanctuary in their bed.

Click or touch and drag on the interactive 360 photo below for a virtual view of our Sanctuary.

Remembrance Services

Light up a life

Our ‘Life up a Life’ services offer a very special way to remember loved ones. The services take place across mid Essex and are centred on Christmas trees covered with lights, shinning in memory of absent friends and family.

Summer remembrance service

Every year we take time during the summer months to remember loved ones. The service is open to everyone and is a chance for people to come together to celebrate the life of someone special.

Farleigh Community Choir

Here at Farleigh Hospice our Community Choir is open to all. There are no auditions, simply join in and enjoy an evening of singing.

During the pandemic our Choir is still meeting every Wednesday evening (term time only) at 7pm via Zoom.

New members are welcome, so if you're interested in joining email us at for more information.