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Farleigh Hospice supporting the community through the COVID-19 pandemic

Farleigh is working on the frontline, caring for people living with a life-limiting illness and supporting the NHS and the mid-Essex community through the COVID-19 pandemic. We have adapted our services to ensure we can care and support the 667 patients we know are coming to the end of their life in the mid Essex community, along with their families, carers and our NHS partners.

Working within the community

Farleigh nurses, doctors, and our non-clinical teams are working 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, providing additional support within the community and providing hospice care within people’s homes. Our nurses are helping those who are most vulnerable and in their last few weeks and days of life. They are preventing unnecessary hospital admissions and ensuring where possible people are with their loved ones during their final hours.

Farleigh Hospice Helpline

We have launched a new helpline designed to support the community of mid-Essex through the COVID-19 pandemic. Anyone can call Farleigh on 01245 457 300, Monday to Friday 9am until 5pm. The telephone service offers emotional support, practical assistance, information, and advice, plus details of local and national organisations providing relevant help and support. The helpline is manned by experts from teams across the hospice including Family Support, Bereavement, and specialists from our Inpatient Unit. Calls of a clinical nature will be transferred to one of our Farleigh nurses or our clinical advice line.

Bereavement Support

Our adult and children’s bereavement services are continuing to support anyone who is bereaved in the mid Essex community. Our services are available either virtually or over the telephone. We are here for anyone who has experienced loss, whether known to Farleigh or not.

Supporting our NHS partners

Farleigh Hospice is working hard to support our healthcare professionals and our local NHS:

Rapid Assessment and Discharge Team

Our nurses are working with the Mid Essex Hospital Trust to support the discharge of patients who are at the end of their life and would like to be cared for in their home environment. The team works with the Hospice at Home team and care providers to ensure the correct care packages and support are in place to enable patients to return home.

Education team

Our education team has been working hard to support the NHS by delivering end of life training courses for nurses, doctors, and healthcare assistants at both Halstead and Broomfield Hospital. The courses have been specifically developed as a result of the pandemic. They are designed to help healthcare professionals on how to care for people who are nearing the end of their lives and how to support their families and friends during this difficult time.

Medical Team

Our consultants continue to work alongside our NHS partners at Broomfield hospital, caring for people at the end of their life and providing essential end of life care advice and support to healthcare professionals.

Inpatient Unit

Farleigh Hospice is now delivering all care within the community, enabling our Inpatient Unit to be used by Broomfield Hospital. Our beds are temporarily being used to provide much needed accommodation for medical staff during their shifts. This will be continually reviewed to ensure we are providing the best care for our patients, whilst also ensure we continue to support our NHS partners.

Can I still visit Farleigh Hospice?

No, sorry at this time we are limiting access to Farleigh Hospice to only essential visits by staff and volunteers.