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Do I need to do anything differently because I have a life limiting illness?

Some people living with a life limiting illness may be at higher risk of experiencing more serious complications from coronavirus.

Although there is no specific advice for people living with a life limiting illness, you might consider taking extra care to follow NHS advice on avoiding catching or spreading coronavirus.

You may find it useful to have information specific to the illness you are affected by – some organisations are providing this information.

If a family member or friend has coronavirus symptoms, is at risk of coronavirus or has coronavirus, they should follow NHS advice about contact with other people.

If you’re staying in a care home or hospital, there may be restrictions on having visitors, check with the staff or on their website.

Social Distancing and self isolation

Please follow the Government guidance on self-isolation if you consider yourself to be a possible infection risk.

Think about how else you can connect with your loved ones and feel supported during this time.

  • FaceTime with family and friends
  • Play games through your iphone using imessage and clicking on the GamePigeon tab.
  • Download online games from the Apple app store or Google play store
  • Watch relaxation and mindfulness videos on YouTube to reduce stress and anxiety

For information and advice on managing symptoms and other needs, our advice line is open from 8am- 8pm, 7 days a week. Call us on 01245 455478