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Heybridge fundraisers organise street sale and help to raise over £1000 for Farleigh Hospice

Thursday 23rd July

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Joy Dorrell, along with her friends and neighbours of Freshwater Crescent in Heybridge, has been organising a daily street sale, where passers-by can purchase books, DVDs, bric-a-brac, and games, and have so far raised an incredible £1,000 for Farleigh Hospice.

Within the first two days the stall had raised £135 and following its success Joy organised a neighbourhood quiz night on Zoom, which brought in another £35. Since then, the total has been rising daily, and those on the street are optimistic about surpassing the £1,000 mark.

Speaking about their fundraising efforts, Joy said: “The idea for a street sale began on the 24th of April, and so far, we’ve all raised £1,000. Neighbours and friends have come together to donate DVDs, books, and other items. A few people down our street have had husbands and wives cared for by Farleigh in the past and it’s close to our hearts because they care for the mid-Essex community so well.

What we’ve managed to do over the last few weeks shows how important Farleigh is to the local community and that there are plenty of people who want to help the hospice at this difficult time. If we can support them through this, we hope they come out the other side as best as possible.

”Alison Stevens, Chief Executive of Farleigh Hospice said: “Joy and all the residents of Freshwater Crescent have demonstrated brilliant initiative and togetherness in a time of uncertainty. We thank them for their kindness and believe this goes to show how the mid-Essex community recognises the work Farleigh does to support those with a life-limiting illness, and how we have continued to support the NHS through the COVID-19 pandemic.”

To donate to Farleigh Hospice’s Community Appeal, please visit