Tuesday 13th June 2017

Our volunteers are important members of the Farleigh family. Whether it be helping out in the kitchen, sprucing up our garden, or counting the coins left in our donation tins, we’re grateful for everything that they do and the time that they give to us. Throughout Volunteers Week we spoke to some of our volunteers posted their stories on Facebook. Without them, we simply couldn’t provide the care that people across our community rely on.

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I’m Michelle Cox and I volunteer in the domestic services team where I do the washing and ironing and folding the bedding. I’ve been volunteering for about a year and a half. Volunteering makes you feel useful.
My name is Helen Rollings and I’m a washer-upper in the kitchen. I’ve been volunteering for 20 years. It’s great fun in the kitchen; it’s like a conveyor belt of washing up, putting it in the sink, putting it away. Everyone in the kitchen is so friendly and helpful.
My name’s Jenny Church, and help out in community and fundraising. My job involves doing clerical work in preparation for Farleigh’s events. I’ve been volunteering for four years, I started off on the reception desk. Before I came here (Farleigh), I used to help out at some of their events. When I retired, I wanted to do something worthwhile and give something back.
I’m Joan Clarke. I volunteer 2 days a week, mostly working on the till. They like me because when I’m on the tills nothing seems to go wrong! When you work, you give up a lot of your friends to be quite truthful. When you start volunteering, you make friends.
My name is Debbie Moyler and I’m a Welcome Volunteer at the reception desk. My role is quite varied really. There’s a lot of meeting and greeting of everybody that comes into the hospice, that can be someone who is coming in for counselling, visiting a patient, or people that come in for meetings. Farleigh is such a fantastic organisation and it’s great to be able to do something. I’ve had relatives that have had cancer and it’s just so nice to be able to give back.
I’m Diane Ashdown and I work in the fundraising and events office. I do lots of different things from folding t-shirts, to putting things on the database, to sending out letters for the events. Volunteering gives me some sense of satisfaction and a sense of purpose.

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