A lucky group of patients at one of our recent Easibreathe sessions had the opportunity to experience the latest in therapeutic virtual reality. Our Easibreathe sessions, which run every Wednesday or Friday between 11am and 12pm, offer patients experiencing breathlessness a supportive and fun environment to practice and improve breathing techniques.

The session is designed to offer a medicine-free approach to symptom control, particularly to address fatigue, anxiety and of course breathlessness in a safe and enjoyable environment.

"we offer self-management tools for people to enable independence, quality of life and for continued engagement in meaningful care. When I came across an article about the use of virtual reality within a Hospice setting I began to consider the many benefits that people would get from using this equipment. How lovely it would be for someone to be able to experience their bucket list of places - maybe to visit and explore New York, to experience a safari or to go on a relaxing walk along the beach. We we're intrigued and excited as really the list is endless" said Anne Roberts, Clinicial Specialist Occupational Therapist at Farleigh Hospice.

It was then that Anne and her team approached Rescape, the company behind the project.

"We found Rescape who offered a month’s free trial of the VR equipment and the feedback and response has been amazing!"

The technology uses a mobile device, such as a smartphone, along with a VR headset much like the ones which have become so popular in recent years. Specially designed experiences are then loaded onto the device for patients to enjoy and use as part of their therapy.

"Going forward we hope to pursue funding for our own VR equipment here at Farleigh Hospice. As technology progresses there will be so much more scope for people to have experiences that may otherwise be denied to them due to their condition."

If you or someone you know suffers from breathlessness and would like to find out more about our Easibreathe sessions, please click here for more information.