Please see below a short statement from Farleigh Hospice Chief Executive, Alison Stevens:

I am sad to report that Farleigh Hospice has today been made aware of an individual who has been asking for cash door to door claiming to be a patient of Farleigh Hospice. We believe this to be a bogus collector and I wish to advise the public not to give money to anyone who is collecting at your door in the name of Farleigh Hospice. We are working with the police who are investigating this matter.

Whilst Farleigh Hospice does not legitimately have any representatives working on their behalf to solicit cash donations from the general public, we do work with Local Hospice Lottery who have a team of paid fundraisers.

The Lottery provides an important stream of income for the Hospice and the lottery fundraisers work door-to-door and at venues across mid Essex offering people the opportunity to join the weekly draw. These official fundraisers will never ask for or accept cash and wear uniforms branded with both the Local Hospice Lottery and Farleigh Hospice logos. They also carry clearly visible plastic photo ID cards and use digital tablets to sign people up to the Lottery safely and securely. For peace of mind, the names and photographs of all of Local Hospice Lottery’s fundraisers can be viewed at under the ‘Meet our paid fundraisers’ section.

- Alison Stevens, Chief Executive, Farleigh Hospice

(Issued on 26/09/2018)