Thursday 17th August 2017

New Farleigh in Maldon Building

We have been very busy behind the scenes trying to find a new Farleigh in Maldon site.

Currently, we have viewed more than ten sites and made one offer that was unfortunately refused. There are two other potential sites that we are looking at which we are hopeful can meet our needs.

Temporary Premises in Maldon

We are looking at better temporary premises so that we can open up our new day service timetable to patients and carers in the Maldon and Heybridge area. As before, all of our other community support continues in the area and people are still accessing our inpatient beds when they need to.

Selling Assets

Our plan remains to sell both our Farleigh in Maldon Day Hospice and our Maldon shop. As a charity we are governed by Charity Commission rules and must try to get the best price we can for our assets, so we remain in negotiation with the interested parties.

Relocation to Our New Shop in Maldon

We have now moved into our new Maldon shop at 28 High Street, Maldon.

Our current shop at 112 High Street closed on Saturday 15th July 2017, and a launch party was held on Saturday 22nd July to celebrate the new shop opening.

For more information on our new shop in Maldon, please click here.

Maldon Photography


by Darren Boddy

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