Tuesday 1st November 2016

Thirty people bravely faced the flames on Friday 28th October, taking part in Farleigh Hospice’s Firewalk. The group walked over a 5m fire lane of burning coals which had reached temperatures of 1200 degrees, hot enough to melt a car! Cheered on by friends and family, many of the firewalkers took on the fire lane a second time.

Our supporters showed they could take the heat, and have raised over £8,000 to help Farleigh Hospice continue to care for those in mid Essex affected by life-limiting illness. Thank you to everyone who took part, and to Anglia Ruskin University for kindly hosting us on the night.

Dominique Brunning, Events Manager

The evening began with a prewalk seminar, hosted by Steve Consalvez of Success Formulae, who challenged our perceptions of daunting tasks. Steve has completed over 900 firewalks, but knew that we would focus on the three times he has been burnt! During the seminar, participants ate imaginary lemons, broke steel-tipped arrows on their throats, and even walked on broken glass. After the seminar we headed outside to the cheering crowd, where a bonfire had been raked out to create our stage. We lined up and exchanged nervous glances – my seminar teachings were unable to stop the returning feelings of fear and panic! Finally, my time came and I stepped up to the coals. As I walked across the 1200 degree heat, I was surprised to feel very little – akin to stepping into an overly-hot bath! I reached the end with a grin and high-fived a waiting Steve. Relief flooded through me, before bemusement as I saw the others lining up for a second walk – as proud as I was of our achievement, there was no way I was going again!

Emma Wardall, Communications, PR & Marketing Manager


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