This new service has been set up with the Mid Essex Clinical Commissioning Group CCG, and is designed to support rapid discharge from Broomfield Hospital for those with life-limiting illnesses requiring end of life care, where their preferred place of care is at home or at Farleigh Hospice.

Janet Hemmings is one of Farleigh’s Clinical Nurse Specialists and Francesca Jillings is a Registered Nurse, both working within the Hospice’s new In-Reach Service.

“I work with teams from across Broomfield hospital from the Integrated Discharge team to ward staff. Together we identify patients that may be in the last few months of their life and would like to return home, but need health and social care to support them and their family.

Once we have identified a patient, I will visit them in the hospital to discuss their needs and I will often return to discuss our service and support with the family. I work in partnership with a multidisciplinary team to identify individual care needs and collate a care plan, to enable the patient to return home or to their preferred place of care, as quickly as possible. I will coordinate the care package including equipment, care agency support, and ongoing support for the family. I work with the ward staff to put together a checklist including the medication requirements and prescription charts.

In some cases the patient is not well enough to go home, so I will keep track of their progress, work with them and the medical team to identify when they can return home and what support they will need.

At Farleigh Hospice we offer Hospice at Home care for those that are in the last days of their life. However the majority of people we work with may need longer term care. Therefore our Hospice at Home team will support them for the first couple of days after returning home, and until their care package is fully implemented. At this point the Hospice at Home team will hand over the care to the relevant care agencies and health care providers.

However, this is not the end of our support. We will keep in touch with the patient and their family, offering help and support, and our Hospice at Home team will be there to provide care during the end of their life.

We are so pleased to report that the service was so successful early on, that it was necessary to negotiate additional money from the CCG to support the recruitment of a Registered Nurse to enable us to meet the ever increasing demand. In June Francesca Jillings was seconded into the post from the Hospice at Home Team for one year.

The support we have received from Broomfield’s Integrated Discharge Team and all the medical and nursing staff has been outstanding. We now have a regular presence on the wards and have just started to visit the emergency wards to help support patients who would prefer to return home with the appropriate health and social care in place, rather than be admitted to a ward.

I love my job, it is different every day and it’s a privilege to help people at this particular point in their journey. Helping them achieve their wish to be in the comfort of their home and be with people that are important to them.

Jason Bush, experienced the service first hand and was full of praise for the care he and his Mother received “We were really struggling to get Mum home, as were her wishes. From the moment Farleigh Hospice became involved everything changed and the service and care was second to none. Against all the odds they fought to get Mum home and cared and looked after us all so well. Thank you Farleigh for being efficient, calm and caring.”

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