Jenny Watmore-Eve, Palliative care social worker.

My name is Jenny Watmore-Eve, and I have been working at Farleigh since October last year as Family Support Team Leader, although I did work as a social worker at old Farleigh 14 years ago, so in many ways I feel as though I have come home!

I am a palliative care social worker, and have spent more than 10 years working at St Joseph’s Hospice in Hackney managing a large team of social workers, counsellors and welfare benefits advisors before taking a Macmillan post at Queens Hospital in Romford, and then returning to Farleigh Hospice.

The Family Support Team consists of social workers, a support worker, a carers coordinator, counsellors and an administrator, and our aim is to provide practical and emotional support to patients, their families and significant others who are affected by life-limiting illness.

We are able to work flexibly to meet identified needs by visiting people in their own homes, or at the hospice, providing 1:1 counselling, practical advice and signposting to individuals or families regarding welfare benefits, grants, putting affairs in order and accessing local resources. We also facilitate groups for carers, and 1:1 emotional support. We are able to advocate for patients, and assist with difficult family conversations about end of life care, care options, funeral wishes, talking with children, or preparing for the future.

We recognise that serious illness has a ripple effect and that carers and others often benefit from talking about this impact with non-judgemental, non-medical people outside their family and friendship group. I am passionate about the difference we can make by gently walking alongside people and taking direction from them rather than forcing our own agenda. I am also an ardent believer in the importance of staff support, and work hard to ensure that my team members are equipped with the tools, resources and support they require to carry out their roles with professional compassion.

For further information please contact us at [email protected] or by calling 01245 457397.