Monday 16th January 2017

Hospices across Essex have joined forces to launch a website directing people to their local adult and children’s hospice.

There are eight hospices in Essex, providing specialist care to thousands of adults, teenagers and children who have been diagnosed with a life-limiting illness, and also supporting countless family members and carers throughout the patient’s journey, for as long as is needed.

Each of the eight hospices are registered charities but work together to provide best practice and a seamless service to the people in Essex.

The hospices include; St Helena Hospice; Farleigh Hospice; Saint Francis Hospice, St Clare Hospice. Havens Hospices (incorporating Fair Havens for adults and Little Havens for children); St Luke’s Hospice; and J’s Hospice.

Cementing their commitment in working together and to ensure people receive the best specialist care available, Essex Hospices have now come together to develop and launch a joint ‘Essex Hospices Website’, containing a wealth of information about the hospice care that is available within Essex and signposting people to their local Hospice.

Explaining why Essex Hospices have come together in this way, Marilyn Debattista from St. Luke’s Hospice said ‘’Essex is one of the fastest developing and diverse counties in the UK having both rural and industrialised, densely populated areas. Its close proximity and easy transport links to London, other major cities and travel hubs as well as increasing job opportunities makes Essex an attractive area for people to move into, and around in, causing the county to have a surge in population growth. One of the many challenges people face when moving into a new area is finding out about local support services.

We have been told, by patients and families we care for, that trying to find out about care and support that is available locally when someone is diagnosed with a life limiting illness can often be frustrating when families live in different locations across the county and even more so when living outside of Essex. This new, simple, website offers one central address from which all other Essex Hospice websites can be accessed. Not only is the site intended to be a resource for members of the public but it is hoped to also be of benefit to healthcare professionals who may be new to Essex.‘’

The new website, which has been jointly funded and designed by all eight Hospices, is being launched on 16th January 2017 and can be found on

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