Thursday 2nd November

We're proud to announce that we're finalists in the Essex Business Excellence Awards 2017!

We've been nominated for the Contribution to the Community Award:

The finalists for this award will have demonstrated considerable dedication to corporate, social and ethical responsibility, providing the community with the many positive outcomes of their commercial activity.

Judges will focus on businesses that have contributed substantially to the community through various means including society-led projects, aiding economic regeneration and supporting local suppliers.

The award ceremony is on Wednesday 29th November - check back to see how we get on!

Update Thursday 30th November 2017

Last night we were very proud to win the Contribution to the Community Award at the Essex Business Excellence Awards 2017!

SO SO proud of my wonderful organisation who are the worthy winners of the Contribution to Community Award at Essex Business Awards this evening.

Alison Stevens, Chief Executive

Thank you to the award organisers, and judges.

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