For Hospice Care Week 2018, longtime and committed volunteer, Janet Whitehead, led the epic creation of over 1000 knitted flowers. Along with seemingly endless bunting and tons of #HeartMyHospice heart-shaped stickers and posters they decorated the grounds & buildings of Farleigh Hospice for a magical week.

"Each flower takes approximately one and a half hours to complete", and were made by over 20 volunteers and groups across the local community following Janet's lead and original designs.

When she's not knitting beautiful flowers though, Janet works on the Welcome Desk at Farleigh Hospice.

"People don't know what to expect when they arrive. Easing that transition from welcome desk to IPU, counselling or wherever they're headed helps to calm and reassure people" said Janet when speaking about what she enjoys most about volunteering.

Now a 12 year veteran of volunteering for Farleigh Hospice, she decided to give some time after the passing of her husband at the then London Road Farleigh building in 2003 and chose to stay.

Since then she's seen and helped all across the hospice from reception, to the IPU and assisting with meals or helping out at events and fundraising activities.

"Being able to guide people and make the process as smooth as possible for them at a difficult time is very rewarding"