Sometimes, there really is nothing better than sitting down to a cuppa and a catch up with friends, family or work colleagues. So this summer, why not turn this simple pleasure into a fundraiser for Farleigh Hospice by holding a Tea at 3 tea party?

As a Tea at 3 party organiser, you will receive a resources pack containing party ideas, hints and tips, posters, invitations, and printable bunting.

If you have any questions, need some support with your party planning or even just want to talk through your ideas, please contact our Fundraising Team on 01245 457411 or email [email protected].

Bringing everyone together for Tea at 3

Since 2011, Lee Goodridge has been organising her annual Tea at 3 events, much to the delight of her friends, family and neighbours, who all make sure the date is in their diaries months in advance!

Lee said “My Dad passed away Christmas 2010 and spent his last week in Farleigh Hospice. He, and the whole family, received such fantastic care from Farleigh that we wanted to say thank you and give something back. Our first Tea at 3 was the following summer and we haven’t looked back since. I do sometimes wonder if people might be getting a bit tired of them, but whenever I suggest taking a break, everyone is up in arms so I guess I’m doing something right!”

The events raise on average £1,000 each year and have grown so large that last year, Lee had around 70 people at her Tea at 3.

“We always have the event on a Friday, from 10.30am to 3.30pm, so it’s an open house and people can pop along whenever they are free” said Lee. “I trawl local charity shops for pretty china cups to serve the tea in and I have a fantastic group of friends who help make cakes so we have a great selection on the day. We also organise a raffle – it can take a while to draw all the tickets as people are so generous and donate lots of prizes!”

Lee enjoys the baking she does the day before, even if it does get a little stressful at times, but admits the best bit for her is the actual event. “We’ve been so lucky with the weather every year, and I always say to my sister that it is Dad bringing the sunshine out for us.

“I have my amazing team of helpers who keep everything running behind the scenes so I get to spend the day catching up with friends and family – it’s a great way to bring everyone together. At the end of the event, I am tired but also on a real high so I have a glass of champagne with my sister and we reminisce about Dad, which is a lovely way to end a wonderful day!”