Press Release 22nd November 2016

Farleigh Hospice have today announced a temporary cessation of services at their Maldon day hospice centre from Thursday 15th December 2016.

Our building in the Bentalls Complex has multiple problems including a leaking roof and unstable flooring which requires substantial investment, and is not large enough for the growth in services that Farleigh Hospice would like to offer. Therefore, we have been looking for an alternative building in the Maldon area prior to closing the current building, but we have so far been unable to find a suitable location.

Farleigh Hospice will continue to offer our patients and carers the support they need, and they will be given a number of options on what this support will be until a new building opens.

We have been talking to patients, staff and volunteers and have been inundated with support and understanding. We hope the impact on individuals will be minimised by the increased support they will receive from other hospice teams. Several patients have already agreed to meet as social groups in various locations and homes and we’re working hard to find suitable venues for other groups.

The search for a suitable alternative building continues, and we at Farleigh Hospice are committed to finding a local building so that we can continue our work in the Maldon area.

Further details on the services provided at Farleigh Hospice day services can be found here.

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