Care at home

As the majority of people prefer to be cared for in the comfort and dignity of their own homes, Farleigh Hospice provides a range of services in the home environment. After referral an initial assessment often takes place at home to establish the patient’s needs and which services are appropriate.

Specialist nurse visits - We have a team of Clinical Nurse Specialists (CNS) who provide  support and advice to patients, their relatives and, carers.  They liaise with any other professionals involved with your care and facilitate referrals to other services as needed.  They can provide advice on symptoms and how any treatments may affect you and give emotional support.

‘Hospice at Home’ nurse visits – We also have a team of ‘Hospice at Home’ nurses who offer more general nursing care.

Medical vists – Our doctors are experienced in palliative medicine and can visit you at home to help with more complex symptoms.  They will liaise with your own GP and other doctors involved in your care.

Occupational Therapy - Our OT can visit your home assess your needs for for specialist equipment, helping you to overcome any difficulties that you are having in the home.

Physiotherapy – Our physiotherapist can visit your home to help you maintain mobility and to address any physical problems that you might be encountering. From climbing the stairs to breathlessness ~ this service can help make living at home more comfortable.

Social Work - Our social workers can talk to you and your family about any fears or worries that you might have.  They can work with your family to help them understand your illness and we also have a Welfare and Benefits advisor who can give advice on any financial issues that might be troubling you.

Spiritual Care - We have a team of chaplains who can help with any spiritual issues.  This service is for people of all religious beliefs as well as those with none.  They are simply someone to talk to about spiritual issues, in whatever form this might take.


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